Recruitment and Selection Policy

At The Connection, we make it our mission to understand and appreciate our clients’ Human Resource requirements and needs. We rely on building long term partnerships with our clients and candidates and have a thorough insight of their characteristics, values, culture and vision.

The Connection has developed an increasingly comprehensive database which enables us to have top of mind awareness of the availability of high calibre candidates.

Over the past 20 years The Connection has been actively promoting BEE candidates and been part of their growth within the industry.

We believe it is an integral service aspect to be allowed by our clients to act in an advisory capacity if the need arises. We are available to discuss, counsel and advise our clients and candidates on many issues and particular to their circumstances. This is achieved by tailoring solutions that assist our clients to:

• Source and select the best possible human resource

• Focus on their core business competencies

• Enhance their clients’ human resource competitive advantage

• Operate with maximum effectiveness and clarity of vision

The various steps in our selection procedure are as follows:

• Effective Planning of Job Specification: Define the assignment in detail.

• Response management: (It is threefold)

    • Our own extensive computerised database
    • Candidates who are seeking new employment
    • Advertising in both print and internet media

• Initial Canvassing: Contact suitably qualified prospects and determine potential.

Screening Process:

All candidates are interviewed on a highly personalised face to face basis.

Candidates are encouraged to talk extensively one on one with the appropriate Consultant.
The process covers applicant evaluation, screen and reference checking and client and candidate feedback.

Application Evaluation

• Background verification
• Reference checking

Psychometric testing is a service offered by The Connection, for the client’s account.

To meet various clients needs, The Connection will also provide candidates on an ad hoc contract basis which can be long term or short term.